Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports User Manual Download

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Review | User Manual –  Xiaomi re-introduces the smartwatch namely Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Editions. Xiaomi 2020’s latest product was officially introduced on October 20.

The specifications contained in Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports are intended to support sports activities. Coming with three color choices: black, blue, and ivory, this smartwatch weighs 32.5 grams with a resolution screen of 454 × 454 pixels. The battery is 420 mAh and has water resistance at a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports comes with 117 sports modes such as cycling and swimming. There is a SpO2 sensor to help measure oxygen levels in the body. In addition, there are also heart rate sensors, accelerometers, gyro, and barometers. In addition, there is also an NFC feature to make it easier for you to make non-cash transactions.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color has been opened in China since October and the device started to ship in November 2020. The price offered is about 699 yuan.

  • Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Manual

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