Toyota Corona Owners Manual | Quick Reference Guide

The Toyota Corona was a Toyota-made sedan that was first released in 1992, for which the Toyota sedan was born to carry out the Greco-era sedan. This Corona car specification is better compared to the great Corolla variant but instead, the fans of this car are still inferior to the many fans of Greco.

It can be said Toyota Corona is one of the 1990 sedans in the year that until now still exist on the highway that can not be displaced by the latest sedan cars that are born in the modern era. And the Toyota Corona Absolute was also entered into a 10-year-old 1990 sedan car along with Honda Accord Cielo and Mitsubishi Lancer.

The great machines include one of Corona’s advantages that make people interested in wanting to buy this car. This Toyota is equipped with two types of engines that are engine displacement of 1600cc and 2000cc, although the capacity is different the problem of toughness is the same as the two machines are built with capable technology.

The advantages of Toyota Corona also become the cause of users to find this car because the car is so soft that it can offer more comfortable driving.

Stable at high speed, stabbing this car while speeding at the time of acceleration is not separated from the weight of the car is heavy enough so that at the time of speeding the high-speed car will not shake. The car is also convenient for long-distance driving. The comfort felt by the car occupants of the various support of the complete interior features as well as spacious and spacious interior space that creates a sense of comfort.


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