Toyota Corolla iM Owners Manual | Quick Reference Guide

Then, in the driver’s section, Toyota has made the display of the MID Attractive Design with an area of 4.2 inches that will provide information about the condition of the car with the appearance of the odometer in a more sophisticated and informative. On the other hand, the steering wheel also still carries a number of functional buttons to control the audio system on the Head Unit more easily for the driver.

In the matter of dimension, the vehicle is still built with the same dimensions as in the previous model, which has a body size of 4630 x 1780 x 1435 mm with a wheel axis distance of 2700 mm.

Therefore, it is not surprising if the driving stability becomes more secure. In fact, reliability in dampening every vibration when through a hollow path also provides extra comfort to the passengers.

The engine carried by the sedan still relies on the same type as its predecessor. This car will carry a 4-cylinder In-Line machine with a VVT-i-certified DOHC type and power capacity reaches 1798 CC. The machine will be powered by a 7-speed transmission of CVT (type G and V) and a special CVT transmission model. Meanwhile, hybrid variants rely on Electric Fuel Injection that is ready to deliver performance results that are much more environmentally friendly.


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