Sony KD-75XD8505 User Manual Pdf

Sony KD-75XD8505 Manual & Support – Sony KD75XD8505 has an outstanding image quality with 4k resolution. HDR delivers colorful images that are essential when playing games or watching interesting videos. The colors look very clear and natural, also has excellent color accuracy. The movement runs very smoothly, and it is imperative to the eyes.

Sony KD-75XD8505

Sony KD75XD8505 is a smart TV that you can connect to the Internet and browse online content. The best feature of Sony KD75XD8505 is the Android OS. Of course, you can download many apps and games that will make the TV more useful. Also supplied 16GB internal storage is enough for the TV.

Also supported HID feature, this allows you to connect the keyboard and mouse to the TV. As you know, you can share your smartphone screen easily with the TV via Google™ cast. Sony KD75XD8505 can accept all kinds of signals, so you don’t have to buy an external decoder. Sony also carries features such as voice search technology and the Content Bar. And the Sony KD75XD8505 has all the essential connectivity and ports.


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