SHXM98W75N Manual Support

Bosch SHXM98W75N Manual & Instruction Manual – The dishwasher is very flexible, and it will be more convenient for you to use. The dishwasher design is free with the extra freedom of movement for the plates that you wash. With the VarioFlex or VarioFlex Pro system, you can make whatever is suitable for this freestanding washer, for example, an espresso cup or a flower vase. This dishwasher will be ideal for your kitchen and put it on the kitchen table.

You don’t need ample free space for a dishwasher. You can put this dishwasher from a place that has a width of 60 cm in the kitchen you love.

You will not find the food flakes on your plate. Bosch already supports AquaStop, and it is a leak detection system, even if the dishwashers are not operating. Bosch will give you more loading options and can be adjusted to the first shelf tines. You can fold narrow tines on the shelf bottom.

While the dishwasher is in operation, you can do activities and sleep without getting distracted or listening to music in the kitchen; this dishwasher is very quiet.

>> Bosch SHXM98W75N Instruction Manual

>> Bosch SHXM98W75N  Use & Care Manual

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