Rowenta DG8520 Manual – Perfect Steam Station

The product is lovely and comfortable, and the high-pressure generator is powered with a removable high-capacity tank for easy and fast charging. The unique ironing tread ensures perfect steam distribution, while the exclusive scale collector guarantees long-lasting performance.

Nobody can beat you if a has a steam station. Because small tool goods are expensive for the home, but some people will still buy it because it does need it. You can also eliminate the habit of sending clothes to professional cleaners, and you can save money in the long run. But you will need the right steam station to make it last longer.

Rowenta DG8520 is high-pressure steam that reduces your time to iron. It is an excellent steam generator and can produce three times as much steam and steam will be available with a touch trigger that is located under the grip.

To produce a high amount of steam, you need a larger volume of water in the tank. The water tank capacity is 47 ounces that can give 1.5 hours continuous steaming. This will reduce the need to recharge during the ironing session. You can also opt for iron in ECO mode, which will use 20% less warming energy with the lower vapor output.

>> Rowenta DG8520 Instruction Manual

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