Netgear XR500 Nighthawk Manual Support

XR500 Manual Support – Netgear finally released his first gaming router product from Nighthawk, Netgear Pro Gaming XR500. Looking at the design, this router does come with a more readable form than other Netgear router series, and it still features four antennas.

The Router comes with a 1, 7GHz processor with a standard dual-band 802.11 ac-type Wi-Fi connection, AC2600, which combines 2.4 GHz (800 Mbps) and two 5GHz frequencies (1733 Mbps).

Equipped with the operating system of DUMA OS, Netgear’s gaming router presents a simple interface. The dashboard also displays the complete quality information of the connected Internet connection. This information is undoubtedly very beneficial for gamers who are very perfectionist and detailed with the quality of Internet connection and influence on the performance of the game.

Then there is also QoS (Quality of Service) that allows users to restrict Internet bandwidth consumption on other connected devices, such as download speed and upload speed.

The router’s security feature is also still valid in this gaming router. Netgear completes its security system with a VPN feature that prevents the user’s identity information or game data from being stolen via a DDoS attack type.

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