Fagor Lux Multi Cooker Manual & Instruction Manual

This Fagor has many new features and a luxurious LCD screen. There are three sizes for the Fagor LUX LCD are 8 Quart that cooks at 1300 watts, 6 Quart that prepares at 1000 watts, and a smaller 4 liter that uses 800 watts.

There is a digital LCD screen on LUX, and this is the most significant change. This screen has more cooking functions and will give you more information about what is happening in it.

In one case, the grain function had a pre-set Cook for quinoa, White Rice, Barley, Brown Rice, and risotto. You can adjust, you can program and save your cooking time with unique settings.

The Simmer function is one of the tasks that might interest you and have to use it with the lid. Stock preset time is 45 minutes, and preset soup time is 55 minutes. This would be an excellent choice to make something for you.

The LUX LCD carries a removable stainless steel cooking pot. The stainless steel pan in the new LUX LCD is perfect because you can easily scrub it clean. The Steamer Basket must have an accessory for Fagor, and the pressure cooker is included with the new LUX LCD.

>> Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker Manual

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