BlackBerry KEY2 LE Manual Support / User Guide

At first glance, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE has a full-screen 4.5 inches wide of 1620 x 1080 pixels. Still carrying the distinctive features of BlackBerry, this smartphone also has a physical QWERTY keyboard right at the bottom of its screen.

BlackBerry Key2 LE comes with iconic QWERTY keyboard features, but with a more affordable price offer. The device has a price USD399 for the 32GB version and USD449 for the 64GB model.

BlackBerry tries to compensate for this more affordable price with lower-spec support, including Qualcomm Snapdragon that supports it. BlackBerry KEY2 LE is powered by Snapdragon 660, while BlackBerry KEY2 is powered by Snapdragon 636.

Besides, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE is also supported by 4GB RAM and 3,000 mAh battery, unlike the KEY2 which is powered by 6GB RAM and a battery capacity of 3,500 mAh. The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is also equipped with a 13MP and 5MP dual camera, instead of two 12MP-sensor cameras like the KEY2.

Available with three color options: Atomic (red), Champagne (Gold/Beige), and Slate (black), this marketed device is rated enough to provide the best possible user experience of its predecessor, KEY2.

Including the support of the Speed Key feature, called will allow users to switch from application to other applications with a single tap.

>> BlackBerry KEY2 LE Manual Support

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