2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Owners Manual | Quick Guide

Toyota Yaris is one of the models of Toyota cars that have a long history. It is now 21 years since it was first sliding in 1999. Certainly not many thought, 20 years later, Yaris transformed into one of the most popular models in the world.

In fact, the current Yaris has three different versions tailored to the needs of each region. Therefore, the Toyota Yaris in Europe differs from the Yaris in Asia and is different from the Yaris in North America.

And finally, at the beginning of October 2019 last, Yaris opened its umbrella in Europe. Honestly, the newest model of this Toyota compact car looks so cool.

The design language that was carried from the Toyota Yaris 2020 is B-Dash. That has a bold, agile, and beautiful meaning. Toyota intelligently designed the front view of the Toyota Yaris 2020 as it seemed to be running fast even though his car was silent. The Headlamp is also designed sharply and enhances the athletic and aggressive aura of this car.

The dashboard Layout of Toyota Yaris 2020 also became the flagship of Toyota on this latest compact car. This Yaris uses the concept of a clutter-free interior with two main lines namely the top and bottom of the dash. This concept prioritizes spacious (cabin rest) and comfortable (cabin comfort). All button layouts are also centered near the driver for a more driver-oriented.

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