2020 Toyota Corolla HV Owners Manual | Quick Reference Guide

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is equipped with the same engine as the Toyota Prius hybrid. In other words, the car relied on a 1,800 cc 4-cylinder racing kitchen combined with a pair of electric motors. Of course, the power produced is the same as the Toyota Prius Hybrid, reaching 121 Tk. The heart of the Toyota Corolla hybrid drive is joined by a front-wheel drive.

In addition, the Toyota Corolla hybrid also features a 3-mode drive, namely Normal, Eco, and Sport. The differentiator between the three is engine response sensitivity to the gas pedal valve. It also has an EV (electric vehicle) mode. In other words, the Toyota Corolla hybrid can run only with its electric motor only, like the BMW i8 Roadster.

To be different from the conventional version, the Toyota Corolla hybrid will be supplied with a variety of new components, such as the 15-inch aluminum rim and the special emblem. Moreover, this car exterior remains the same.

The new 8-inch touchscreen panel is also attached. The screen has a new feature to monitor charging and battery capacity of electric motors, hybrid systems, and ECO accelerator guidance.

Unfortunately, there is still no leak related to the Toyota Corolla hybrid price. Obviously, the nominality will be much larger than the conventional engine version due to the additional features.

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