2018 Toyota Yaris Liftback Owners Manual | Quick Reference Guide

The front of the Toyota Yaris 2018 uses Dynamic Headlamps headlamps equipped with a projector designed to make it. The front grill is small in size and is designed to blend with the headlamp.

The interior design of Toyota Yaris 2018 is designed so simple but still looks elegant and modern because it is equipped with supporting features that will provide comfort in the cabin space of the car.

The dashboard section of Toyota Yaris 2018 Indonesia looks elegant thanks to the use of quality materials with black color in the entire car cabin and equipped with advanced supporting features.

Specifically for the highest type embedded advanced features such as AC With Auto Climate Control that will regulate the temperature in the car cabin automatically, ECO Mode that will make the vehicle more fuel-efficient, and Sporty Mode for the thrill of the Sporty drive. The Start/Stop button is also included to facilitate the operation of this car with just one touch.

The exterior design overhaul of the Toyota Yaris 2018 is capable of attracting hatchback lovers because of its sporty design and rich supporting features. Actually, the specifications of this car are not changed much more than the machine that still uses the old machine and the price is slightly higher. But the richness of its features is capable of covering all shortcomings in this car.

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