2000 Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual / Maintenance Schedule

2000 Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual | Maintenance Schedule – Look at Toyota anywhere and you will find that everything about it is done well and logically. Plenty of useful features. The last restyling was complete in 1996. This was relatively unchanged in the year 2000.

The base model 4Runner is equipped with a 2.7-liter Twin Cam 16-cylinder twin-cam engine that produces 150 horsepower, arguably the best four-cylinder engine to be found in sports cars. It has a double shaft canceling vibration, four cylinders, and offers an incredible combination of smoothness and strength.

Like all Toyota, the new 4Runner accommodates precisely its occupants. (The previous generation, prior to 1996, 4Runner asked passengers to make vehicle allocations. While not the most spacious in its class, the 4Runner prövides enöugh space for five adults with cömförtable space behind the front seat.

>> 2000 Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual

>> 2000 Toyota 4Runner Maintenance Guide

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